In the mist of the noise about what matters for startups and how startups can succeed, a few ideas and principles stand out. If you get it right, customers and users will gravitate to you and your business will get the attention it deserves from investors, partners and prospective users or customers.

Here’s what matters now.

  1. A visionary CEO
  2. A well-known path to success
  3. An excellent team
  4. Passionate employees
  5. Creativity and a lot of perseverance to sell your product.
  6. Lean and effective marketing strategy
  7. Role clarity for efficient performance
  8. Driving traffic and converting that traffic to customers
  9. Handful of key features that will retain most of your customers
  10. A good marketing message that  tells a story
  11. A highly converting website if your product runs on a subscription model
  12. Knowledge about your customer
  13. A measurable marketing strategy
  14. A unique selling proposition
  15. A strategy to retain customers who sign up
  16. How targeted prospects are going to find you consistently
  17. Feedback
  18. User experience is everything.

You can add what is working for your startup now to the list.