LinkedIn has consistently proven to be one of the best ways to market your business to prospective customers. Generally a lot of connections are made and leads are generated on LinkedIn. Your business should have a LinkedIn group by now. If you have created a group already, go ahead and implement these tips for your group to increase your connections and leads.

  1. Use Linked In applications like Blog Link and SlideShare to provide greater depth and credibility to your page.
  2. Use the recommendation to get to 2nd and 3rd level connections
  3. Set up to receive LinkedIn messages in your inbox so you can respond right away.
  4. Participate in  groups of interest  and  respond directly to the person who posted the discussion
  5. Look for connections related to a job of interest to you.
  6. Request LinkedIn recommendation from happy customers willing to provide testimonials.
  7. Constantly check  for network updates and identify topics of interest to your business.
  8. Ask a question on anything related to your business on the LinkedIn Answers platform
  9. You could send potential clients to your  LinkedIn profile to view testimonials directly from your existing clients
  10.  Start discussions focused around your business messages and use the wews posts to highlight your blog
  11. Import all of your contacts. You will be able to quickly see who is aleady on LinkedIn to start connecting with them to introduce your business or services to them
  12. Add your company website or blog to the group to drive traffic to your site.
  13. Connect people in the group by making introductions to those who could potentially do business with one another.
  14. Find tools to link your other business pages. Import your blog posts and tweets  to your page to keep it updated constantly