LinkedIn has acquired IndexTank to help improve LinkedIn’s internal search technology. IndexTank founder and CEO Diego Basch announced and stated in a blog post that “First off, all the parties involved are excited. We believe that this is an incredible match, and the first step towards creating something much bigger. I am looking forward to what lies ahead, and I’ll try to explain why.”

He further said that “IndexTank is an infrastructure company, so at first glance LinkedIn may not appear as the most obvious fit. When this conversation first took place I was mostly curious. Even though I was a very early adopter of LinkedIn, I didn’t know a lot about the company itself. When evaluating a company, one of my first instincts as the CEO of IndexTank has been to imagine how they could use our technology. Let’s first look at the two broad categories of customers we have thus far, I’d call them “entertainment” and “services.”

He continued” Perhaps the Ghana fishermen will choose to network with each other and form cooperatives through their mobile phones. We need to be able to manage billions of people profiles and jobs. I believe IndexTank’s world-class search technology and experience will be instrumental in taking LinkedIn to this next level.

LinkedIn has agreed to maintain the IndexTank service running for the next six months