A lot of businesses have taken advantage of what social media can offer and have implemented strategies that keep generating leads and sales. The most important thing in any social media campaign is to measure the return on investment on your social media strategies. Focus on platforms that work and produce the results you want.

You don’t have to just create social media platforms, you have to be active and join the conversation or initiate it. Don’t just concentrate on the major platform(Facebook,LinkedIn and Twitter), you can also organize webinars as a way of taking people away from social media and on to a more engaging platform.

If you mean to dominate your industry and be an expert in it, you should write and blog and educate prospective clients and people in your sector. You can also publish tutorials and articles on other blogs or websites and in various magazines.

You need to add value in the market you operate with each social platform you use-Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, LinkedIn,podcasts, webinars etc. You can gather together a number of industry partners to assemble a high-profile of experts to take part in your webinars.

You can also publish a monthly e-newsletter that focuses on the information that your clients are interested in and then leverage the content to promote various social platforms. The ultimate goal here is to drive more people to your company site and to begin engaging with them when they arrive.

Take advantage of Meetup.com. It is a great way to make fantastic business contacts and meet prospective clients as well.