Gossy Ukanwoke, a 23-year old Nigerian Internet entrepreneur created Students Circle almost a year ago for scholars. Students Circle Network allows students to interact and communicate over educational resources, making education and e-learning social and human by giving resources, study groups, social connections, scholarships offers and university placements.

Students Circle was launched in December 2010 and it has over 2,400 registered members and over 20,300 non registered members from over 120 countries.

The site currently indexing over 10,431 courses from over 200 OpenCourseWare member universities from across the globe and providing over 15 study and focus groups in Business, Computing, Engineering, Sciences and Humanities.

Gossy said in an interview granted to Forbes that “Students Circle Network – the academic social network — is uniquely bringing together the worlds of social connection, media and education to a single platform thereby allowing students, teachers and institutions connect without bounds. We are currently making over 10,000 resources available for free. Our focus on Africa is high. We believe that with the right content and audience, we can transform education in Africa.”