There are countless strategies people employ to increase blog popularity, increase traffic, generate traffic or put those posts right in front of the people you expect to read them. I have comprehensively given out the tips and strategies you will need to start the process and get your blog noticed. I intend to add a lot more creative ways and strategies you could add to boost the process and make blog marketing a lot more fun and focused. Here is a list of some very creative ways which can help you make your blog popular. If not popular, at least it will give you some ideas of what to post on your blog if you are running out of topics to write about.

Give away free stuff. People love them. You will be amazed at the number of people who will download or make use of the free products or service you intend to provide. If it is an e-book you are writing or intend to write, just make sure it easy to download or easy to find. Put them at the strategic places on the web where your target audience can find it. Put the download link on your twitter account. Send copies to top bloggers in your niche to give it for free to their readers. If you intend to monetize your blog, you can use it as a bait to gather emails by allowing your readers to supply their emails in exchange for the free resource.

Write about other bloggers to attract their audience. If I am a fan of Darren Rose, I will most likely read a story about him if I come across it online. Make the story interesting and get the headline right. When the story is published, make sure it gets to his audience either through a link you leave when commenting on another blog or through social bookmarking. Just find his audience and get the post to their attention.

Interview other bloggers and post the interview. Interviews have proven to be an effective way to get the attention of popular bloggers. Once you get their attention, they are likely to talk about your blog in passing on their blogs once in a while. The interview should not necessarily be a call, push for a call though, it’s the best. If its proven to be difficult, drop them a mail and possibly with the interview questions.

Introduce a Reward System.
Reward systems work in every aspect of human life and endeavors. Find ways to give away something for free to your top commenters. It could be a product or a copy of an e-book you are selling or an access to a product or service online. You could also introduce a contest and award the winner with the same package for the top commenter.

Write posts that need to be read right now. Some bloggers have cultivated the habit of writing about posts or articles that gets people’s attention and are very informative. The articles could be breaking news. Such articles do very well on Digg and can be shared or go viral in few hours. If you are capable of getting hold of info like that, your blog could be very popular in few hours. If you don’t have access to info you can break, focus on timeless articles that will still be useful in the coming month and year.

Take your readers through a months-long education.
You can also start an article series, a course or choose a how to and take your readers through it. . It could run for a week, a month or even months. You release a piece of the article every day of the week or particular day of the week. This way you build committed readers and faithful followers.