Have you ever found out about a new TV show by chatting with friends, or hearing people talk about a movie you saw a trailer for? Tunerfish’s community make this happens at all times. Tunerfish lets you share what you’re watching and discover shows, movies, and online videos.

How it works
Once you sign up on Tunerfish, you’ll see a list of the shows your Tunerfish friends have checked into (you can choose to check into content that spans television, movies, and online video) as well as trending shows. Once you’ve found something you like, you can check-in to notify the rest of your Tunerfish-using friends what you’ve come across. Updates can be syndicated to Facebook as well.

• Check in to what you’re watching now and share it with your friends
• Become a Fan of your favorite shows, movies, and videos and display them proudly on your profile
• Earn fun awards along the way
• Discover new favorites by exploring what’s popular and seeing what your friends are watching and talking about
• Add Facebook and Twitter to find your friends and see what they’re watching