Apple iPhone4S is out on the market and Apple announced on Monday that it has sold more than 4 million iPhone 4S smartphones since its launch. The phone is packed with a very impressive dual core Apple A5 processor, and various bells and whistles which are contained in that compact shell.

Mike Capps, the president of epic games demonstrated why the hardware upgrade is good for the gamers, who were presented the live running of Infinity Blade 2 on the phone. The look was stunning indeed.

As per Capps, the modernized hardware and software combination provided in the iPhone 4s made the Epic designers capable enough to implement the visual techniques which can rival the modern gaming consoles also. Some techniques which have been provided in the iPhone gaming are not present in the modern game consoles. Some say that the feature of the game’s physics and assets have been taken from the Sony PlayStation three game Gods of War.

But is all this power really required in iPhone 4s

The iPhone is capable to utilize the assets and technologies that are used in the gaming consoles. This has also created worries that the unique gaming angle provided in the iPhone might get threatened as the traditional gaming experiences are more easier to accommodate and are being further developed in this direction.

Prominence has been found by some new developers who have worked with the hardware limitations and have succeeded in creating unique and interesting experiences which are essentially geared for the iPhone. The more powerful franchisees like Activision and EA have indeed struggled for getting a place and have also brought iPhone devices for finding some way in the new gaming market space which is burgeoning by the day.

Since more and more big franchisees are being brought in the iPhone 4s gaming market, there will be more studios which will push harder the various experiences. There are various racing games, second rate shooters and their likes available on the application store but only some of these have the necessary clout which is held by the more famous and distinguished class like NFS or CoD.. Their manufactures do extensive marketing for these games as they are equipped with more dollars.

The new apple iPhone 4s will be able to run more complex games as the earlier versions were not equipped with software that could make this possible. That is why the earlier iPhone were able to run only the simple games. With the likes of Epic and Sony investing for the game development for iPhones, the iPhone users will have some very state-of-the-art games for their iPhone 4s devices. The high end games are bound to take the popularity of the iPhone 4S to a much higher level.

The iPhone4S can be said to be equally powerful to the iPad but the fact of the matter is that Apple has hidden the chips. The iPad and iPhone 4s are under locked in order to save the battery life.. But the real potential might not be ever achieved by the device. The GPU given on these devices is able to reach higher levels and rates but they are limited to 2 in cores by Apple.

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