Zoopy is a mobile video infotainment platform that brings you bite-sized videos of the latest news, sports and entertainment from South Africa and the world. And all made for mobile, so your phone will love it.

Zoopy has started focusing on creating its own content, mainly geared for playback on mobile phones. Zoopy CEO Jason Elk says the decision to turn away from offering a YouTube-type service took months to make. “People are really settled into their video upload service of choice, and that is YouTube,” he says.

Zoopy’s plan is to provide video snippets of events, news and other content relevant in the African context. “We will be able to do this without any restrictions,” says Elk.

Zoopy was launched in 2007 and was selected by Nokia as their Regional Imaging Partner for South Africa in the same year. In June 2008, Zoopy received investment from Vodacom, South Africa’s leading cellular network.