FLUD is a  personalized mobile news ecosystem with a vision to empower it’s users to interact with each other to access, engage and broadcast content that is relevant to them. FLUD is a free personalized news reader for iPhone and iPad. The app is customized to your tastes — follow all your favorite blogs and news sites.

FLUD  offers 25 curated feeds to choose from, but the options are unlimited. You can add as many feeds as you’d like, filling FLUD’s template through its list of featured feeds or by a simple keyword search, and a page is automatically created and filled with news from your chosen site.

Some Features
– Access your own carefully chosen feeds, at any given time, in a beautiful and usable news interface
– Search for RSS feeds of interest inside the application and add them with a single touch
– Connect to Google Reader
– Mark the articles you “love” and influence what other FLUD users will read on a minute-to-minute basis

What you can use FLUD for:
– Build your brand by tweeting the latest industry news
– For bloggers, offer FLUD to your readers a way to experience your content on a mobile platform
– Discover new websites, writers or products
– Browse niche blogs and major news brands, silly news and science journals, at the same time


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