2011 has witnessed a lot of web and mobile improvements  and announcements especially around the tablet. iPad and other tablets are being improved with better connectivity, increasing interactivity  and more apps are being developed for touch devices now. Tablets are still at an infant stage. The war for the tablet has just begun. The web is gradually moving from your laptop, and desks to your new mobile device.  A few other things to watch out for includes:

  1. Virtual Assistants. Apple’s Siri is just the beginning. There will be more innovations around the same idea but very much improved and intelligent.
  2. A virtual assistant that know you so much (what you eat, wear, where you go, books you read, places you hang out, websites you visit, food you like) that you don’t have to it any thing after some time. It just knows you and keeps recommending for you based on your ongoing interactivity on the device and in the physical world.
  3. You go to a shopping mall, the intelligent devices go through your previous shopping trend and suggest you what you can buy today.
  4. You are not at home, someone shows  at your door step, the door lock will take the a picture of your visitor and send you an MMS on your mobile phone.
  5. Wireless interconnectivity across multiple platforms making life simpler
  6. Imagine if every automobile had the ability to communicate with the road and that data can be aggregated to a central system with feedback to the originator to help with traffic congestion.
  7. Technology will become intrusive to the extent that it will become impossible to gain any privacy.
  8. Every business that does not have a social media plan or strategy by 2015 will find it difficult to compete  2020
  9. Most people will prefer to learn on their own, via the personalized universities they carry around in their pockets via a mobile device.
  10. Apple’s next big innovation: An iMac Touch?
  11. People will be sharing videos, simulations, experiences and environments, on a multiplicity of devices
  12. As mobile internet speeds catch up to consumer demand, it will be faster to scan a barcode or check a mobile website for product information.
  13. The increasing use of location-aware handsets and smartphones will enable retailers to reap the benefits of tracking and targeting customers based on their locations.
  14. Tablet boom. More tablets innovation and an increase in tab  apps.