Losing your phone means that the data you had stored on the device — phone numbers, personal files and more gets in the wrong hands. That is scary.

Lookout Mobile Security is a free security tool that can be used to protect your phone and its data. Should you ever lose your phone, or have it stolen, the app can be used to track its location.

Lookout Mobile Security helps you:
* Find your lost iPhone, back up your data and protect your personal information
* Manage your privacy and avoid connecting to unsecured WiFi networks
* Get simple, effortless protection all in one app

You can use Lookout to:
* Find your lost phone, even if it’s on silent!
* Send a voice message (over VOIP) to your phone when it is lost
* See whether your iPhone is jailbroken or not
* Notify you when connecting to unsecured WiFi
* Notify you if you’re on an out-of-date iOS version
* Back up and save a copy of your contacts
* See where to find which apps can access your Location
* Manage your iPhone or iPad remotely over the web


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