Zaarly, a proximity based real-time buyer powered market has closed a new $14 Million Series A funding round, led by Kleiner Perkins and Sands Capital Ventures with participation from a handful of other investors including CMEA, Venture51, Crunchfund, Artists & Instigators, and Marc Ecko.

Zaarly is a location-based, buyer-powered online market that allows buyers to make an offer for an immediate need based on how much they are willing to spend. Zaarly is free to post, and users pay only when they locate what they are seeking. Sellers can make extra income by providing products and services to buyers in their area.

Zaarly’s main priority will be to grow the product team and to continue to expand their presence into more cities across the U.S. The company has also added Meg Whitman to its board of directors. Med was part of eBay when it was still a startup. She is now with Hewlett Packard.

The company previously raised a seed round of $1 million from investors, including Ashton Kutcher, Ron Conway, Paul Buchheit and Lightbank, among others.