AngelPad has unveiled 15 startups at its third demo day. AngelPad is a mentorship program founded by a team of ex-Googlers to help web-technology startups build better products, attract additional funding and ultimately grow more successful businesses.

“Last session, we selected 15 out of 2000 applications. That allows us to give them a lot of attention and intensively mentor them on all aspects of early stage startup: the idea, the product and product-market-fit. Through the process we put a bit of Google DNA in every company and the result is a dramatically shorter cycle from idea to product market fit and even to revenue.” says founder Thomas Korte.

The following companies made presentations at AngelPad’s third demo day.

SourceNinja also tells you what a software update contains, on top of alerting customers that a new version exists.

SimpleReach offers site tools for online publishers. Their current product The Slide offers up content recommendations for site visitors a la SailThru.

LendFriend. Making it easier for people to borrow money from their friends and family, LendFriend is targeting the younger and pre-credit market as well as people who have below prime credit scores.

PipeDrive wants to simplify business software, by creating a simple way for a company to manage its sales pipeline.

Frugalo is a daily deals aggregation platform that uses Facebook and inbox integration to unearth the most relevant deals for its users, importing deals from both channels as well as notifying you when they expire.

IDoneThis is a motivational email service that asks you, via email, “What’d you get done today?” and expects an email response in list form, every day.

By rewarding customers with exchangeable loyalty points for interacting with and giving feedback to a brand, Prizzm wants to shift the CRM power balance.

Buffer allows users to optimally time their social media(namely Twitter) updates.

Wishery wants to improve customer service with its Gmail add-on, by crawling and including relevant information from a user’s various SaaS apps in customer service related emails — like how long a given user has been a customer, preferences, etc.

Shoplogic uses customer interaction and purchase data in order to help merchants be smarter about their promotions.

LikeAndy is a mobile app video that lets people distribute their videos across multiple devices.

Storie goes beyond photosharing apps and attempts to tell a story with photos, using a novel UI to create an experience similar to a photo scrapbook.

Tapviva wants to disrupt traditional restaurant Point of Sale systems by letting users pay via their iPhone and Android smartphones.

Kout is link-based selling app. By using Kout a seller can reach customers through Twitter and Facebook, their own blogs, and wherever one can use links, directing them to a personalized payment platform.

Vungle’s 15 second “trailers for apps” let users explore an apps features before buying

Via Techcrunch