Subtext powers a reading community in the pages of ebooks. With Subtext, you can engage in conversations with friends, authors and experts and access information and multimedia in the margins of your books.

Subtext works most seamlessly with Google Books but it also supports reading and annotations across editions of the same book on various platforms.

Subtext offers 18 enhanced books, including commentary from George R.R. Martin’s editor and researcher on “A Game of Thrones,” character updates by Frances Mayes for her “Under the Tuscan Sun” and movie scenes and interviews for Lisa See’s “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.”

Right from the pages of your books, you can:

• Engage in conversations with friends, community members, authors and experts, even if you’re are not on the same page at the same time
• Access author, expert and community insights and information and contribute your own
• Explore links to relevant articles, images and multimedia on the Web and add your own
• Browse and preview books on your friends’ bookshelves and a collection of featured shelves
• Personalize the experience so you only see the people and information that matter to you
• Access the world’s largest collection of digital books on the Google eBookstore