PeerIndex strives to become the standard that identifies, ranks, and scores these authorities — and help you benefit from the social capital you have accrued. PeerIndex believes that the traditional established authorities and experts – journalists, academics, are now joined by a range of interested and capable amateurs and professionals. As this locus of authority shifts, many new authorities emerge.

How are PeerIndex scores calculated?
PeerIndex takes into account the relationships you build on various social media platforms. The impact of those relationships also affects your authority exhibited on the web. Your authority on a subject is affirmed when the content you share is approved – i.e. Retweeted, Facebook Shared, +1’ed or commented on, by someone else that is an authority on the subject.

PeerIndex updates your score on a multiple times on weekly basis. You can claim your PeerIndex profile and validate your accounts with various other services including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.