1. A common founding team might include a great technologist, plus someone who can run the company, at least to start. Marc Andreessen
  2. Do what you really love. If you work hard at it you will get good at it, and you’re more likely to do that if it’s something you want to do
  3. Establish a business agreement (contract) at the very beginning of your venture. This should outline who does what and equity split. This eliminates nasty legal issues once the business becomes successful. – Tom Preston-Werner Founder, GitHub
  4. Keep sales out of tech support. Good tech support creates loyal customers. Loyalty creates referrals. Referrals don’t need sold.  –Business of software
  5. In your heads is the future of innovation. – Ron Conway
  6. If you have an idea put it up there online, no matter what it looks like. You need the feedback early on.- Brian Chesky Founder, Airbnb
  7. The quality of your VC isn’t more important than the quality of your product or your team.
  8. Start-ups also are becoming easier to build without venture cash because entrepreneurs can now outsource programming chores to cheap, offshore engineers.- Paul Graham
  9. Like in any competitive market, fear and hope are the two competing forces.
  10. Customers will always tell you how to improve but not how to be different.
  11. There’s nothing quite more permanent than a temporary business model. – Matt Mullenweg
  12. Be consistent in your management practices until you realize what’s wrong with them.
  13. Building a company is like baking a cake… sometimes the eggs get on the roof. – Marc Andreessen
  14. Google is extraordinarily profitable because relevant search is incredibly important, and relevant ads are effective.
  15. Entrepreneurs must test early, pivot when necessary.
  16. Join a startup for learning experience, then start your own company.
  17. It’s ok if something doesn’t scale as long as it strengthens your position.- Adam D’Angelo
    Founder, Quora


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