When your Facebook account is compromised, the first basic thing the hacker/hijacker does is try changing your account’s password, so that you don’t regain access to the account. The conventional process of changing password is that you need to enter the old password first and then the new password. Facebook is now looking forward to change this approach.

Facebook is testing out a new password recovery system for those who can’t / won’t take advantage of the existing methods. Christened “Trusted Friends,” the feature will allow you to select between three and five friends that you are confident will help out in dire times. If you forget your password or can’t access your email, Facebook will send your friends a code that they can pass along to you.

How to set up trusted friends feature:

To set up trusted friends:

  1. Go to your Security Settings page (Account > Account Settings > Security)
  2. Click on the Trusted Friends section
  3. Click Choose Trusted Friends
  4. Scroll through your friends or search for specific friends
  5. Select 5 friends and confirm your choices

Note that you can edit your list of trusted friends from this page anytime.