offers you the opportunity to create and share your writing with the public. With just a pagename and a password (to allow you to edit your work) you can have a page set up in a few minutes.

To get started, users simply provide with a page title and a password to make changes and edits. The sign-up process takes only seconds and after that, you can start creating your first page.

All you need to do to create a page on is choose a name for the page and include a password for editing. You’re then presented with a URL which you can give to your friends with a password for collaborative editing. The more advanced among you could include a video by using the “video” tag and add in another page by using “page” tag.

Users can additionally insert videos into their pages by placing a short code (:video) before the video URL. does not collect any personal information. pages are public and expect other people to see them.