Amazon has released Flow. Flow Powered by Amazon for iPhone makes it easy to identify products and get detailed information from This app identifies millions of books, video games, DVDs and CDs from their cover art. Flow Powered by Amazon also recognizes UPC barcodes for any product available on Just point your iPhone towards a book or product packaging, and Flow will display product details immediately.

The app shows video game trailers and audio clips from CDs and gives you access to product information, ratings and reviews, and similar items. Flow also makes it easy to share product information with friends via email, or Facebook and Twitter. And, of course, you can buy items from directly through the app.

How Flow works
Once you launch the app, aim your camera towards the items you want to identify. Flow will begin recognizing items immediately. Move your phone from one product to the next, and information is automatically delivered to the screen. For some products, media previews, like audio clips or video clips can be viewed almost instantly.