Orchestra helps you organize what needs doing and communicate with others to get it done. Orchestra is a to-do list that’s connected to everyone you work with. It helps you organize what needs doing, it also helps you communicate with others to get things done.

With Orchestra, You can assign a task to yourself or someone else via email address or username if they’re also using the app. It will notify them via push notifications when the task is sent. This is great for real-time work or family interaction.

What you can do with Orchestra
– Use Orchestra to organize your life
– Use it at home to divide up chores and remember who is doing what
– Use it at work to keep your team on the same page
– Use it to coordinate a trip or even to plan a wedding
– Assign tasks to others and get updates in realtime (they don’t even need to be using Orchestra!)

Orchestra has raised $5 million in funding less than two months after it launched. The new funding was led by Apple and Ideo alums comes from Charles River Ventures and SV Angel.