Hiring is one of the most crucial tasks for startup founders especially at an early stage of your startup. If you fall short of hiring the smartest with the most commitment, it will be difficult fir your company to grow. Generally, hiring depends on where you are as a startup, what kind of employees you expect and how much you are willing to spend. Smart Recruitment is somewhat  driven by the resources you have and time frame for implementation. These are some of best strategies some founders have adopted for finding talent for their startups.

  1. If you are looking for key leaders, make sure you and anyone you talk to understand your start-up’s situation-Startups are small, growing, want people who are willing to contribute at that early stage.
  2. If you already have some employees word of mouth/employee referrals have proven to be effective.
  3. Again Depending on the type of position and how specialized the job is,  a job board can be a good option.
  4. You can use a few sites to determine benefits and compensation based on levels of experience and other characteristics.(Try payscale.com and  salary.com)
  5. You can  source candidate referrals from your  investors, board/advisory members and others from your mentor network.
  6. If you are funded by an angel investor or a VC – ask for their help in recruiting; they may have a number of people available from companies that have exited their portfolios.
  7. If you are not yet funded – try posting on craigslist for entry level positions- it’s inexpensive.
  8. Temps and contractors are a good way to work with someone closely before offering them a fulltime position.
  9. Your team could  consider partnering with an experienced professional recruitment manager, as that resource will leverage your efforts.
  10. Post a job description on LinkedIn.
  11. Target professional online groups and share your company values and business vision.