Loquest is a located questions and answers application. Users can ask any type of question linked to a city or a specific location.

Loquest allows users to sign up and link their accounts to Foursquare and Facebook to integrate their check-in data, along with their home and work location. Users then categorize their questions (be it by nightlife, shopping, arts and entertainment, etc.) and enter an expiration date for when they need their question answered by, whether that be 24 hours or one week.

All registered users can respond to all questions. However, combining users’ location, information provided when they register, and their expertise level through “stickers” won by precise actions, questions asked will be answered primarily by people living / working in the city or the specific location concerned.

Users can ask questions about any city and any precise location in the world. Loquest users can also specify multiple specific locations, with full coordinates, in questions or answers. users who ask questions are also notified by email and mobile “Push” notification when an answer is given to one of their questions.