Notesolution is a note sharing site for post secondary students in Canada. Notesolution is a Toronto based startup originally exclusive to the University of Toronto. It launched in September 2010 and users are now sharing 27,000+ study documents. The platform is now available to 29 other universities with over 25,000 registered users across Canada.

Notesolution is dedicated to helping college students gain a better and more comprehensive understanding of course material through a network of knowledge exchange. Students share their own exam, lecture and textbook notes to earn credits which they use towards downloading notes from their peers on Notesolution. Students earn credits every time their notes are downloaded and can also exchange the credits for gift cards through Notesolution’s reward program which encourages students to take quality notes.

The company acquired the note sharing division of StudyMonkey last month. StudyMonkey is an online site that no longer offers note sharing but continues to offers professor ratings, course reviews, and more.