I believe that startups need more than skills and money create a successful company. As startups expand and grow, leaders need to consider how to retain paying customers and hire smart people. Challenges of starting and growing a company have always been a setback for most entrepreneurs. These are equally important for a startup to survive in rough times.

  1. You really need to get a good team around you as fast as you can.
  2. The ability to keep going when all seems lost. In other words, if you’re not dead, you can keep it alive.
  3. Enthusiasm and talent can carry you for a short time, but professionalism is what keeps clients coming back and recommending colleagues.
  4. The ability to keep going when all seems lost. In other words, if you are still alive, you can keep it running and make it work.
  5. Its very easy to distract yourself from your goal, be smart and stay on task!
  6. Speed to market is crucial to your success. The market changes so quickly and you need to adjust to stay in the competition.
  7. Make sure your product is highly differentiated and solves the customer,market need or pain.
  8. Make sure you are always establishing relationships even if they seem unrelated and unprofitable. You will benefit from them going forward.
  9. Flexibility of the management team is essential because no business plan survives the first contact with the market.
  10. The most important thing is an absolute unwavering belief that your business will succeed. Everything else is secondary