eBay has announced its acquisition of the team and technology of Hunch– an online platform launched in 2009 that delivers customized recommendations to its users based on their individual tastes.

Hunch’s patented prediction technology – also known as a “taste graph” – uses signals from around the Web to map members with their predicted affinity for products, services, other people, websites, or just about anything, and customizes recommended topics for them.

Hunch uses inputs from across the Web including social networks, things members like, who they follow, and answers to Hunch’s own questions – to build unique user profiles that make more personal recommendations and model individuals’ tastes.

Hunch’s employees will remain with the company, including co-founders Chris Dixon, Tom Pinckney and Matt Gattis. Hunch will continue to be based in New York.

Hunch was founded by Chris Dixon, Caterina Fake (who left last summer to start a new company but remains an advisor), Tom Pinckney and Matt Gattis. The company has raised just under $20 million in funding.

Michael Arrington says the price tag will be somewhere around $80 million.