Slice is a new way to automatically track, organize and manage purchases, the company helps shoppers stay organized and save time.

Slice is a free service that organizes everything you’ve bought online from large merchants such as Amazon, eBay, and Apple, to daily deal sites such as Groupon & LivingSocial. You do the shopping, and Slice takes care of the rest – from tracking packages, to giving you all the info you need to facilitate a return.

How it works:
When you shop online, merchants send you order confirmation emails (receipts) and shipping notification emails with tracking numbers. Slice automatically processes these shopping emails that are delivered to your email inbox, and allows you to easily access your purchase.

  1. Sign up at Slice using your Gmail or Yahoo account.
  2. Give Slice permission to scour your Gmail inbox for purchases. (Slice uses OAuth to access your account, so you never give them your password; if you’re a Gmail user, you can revoke Slice’s permission to use your inbox at any time here.)
  3. Slice will run an initial scan of your recent purchases and import them into the Slice homepage.

Slice tracks your shipments from one interface. The homepage displays your most recent purchases, but you can click on the map icon to track your shipment across the country.