Superfly has launched another flight search, but promises to be better than Kayak. It takes an increasing larger set of data to help you find the best flight. Superfly also manages your miles, helps you understand what they are worth, and how to best use them. Superfly is taking on the likes of Kayak, Google Flight search, Hipmunk and recently Wolfram Alpha.

How it works
Upon registration, Superfly will display miles earned over time, spending patterns, and more. Superfly’s engine adds an individual’s data, including frequent flyer miles, elite statuses, rewards programs and individual preferences into the decision-making process of choosing a flight.

Superfly was founded by Jonathan Meiri and Zviki Cohen with the sole purpose of personalizing travel. There are ton of travel sites out there, but they believe non replicate the experience of a trusted and knowledgeable travel agent. A travel agent who knows your preferences, tracks my points, learns tricks of the trade from other travelers, and finally crystallizes all that information to simple straightforward advice.