What is the use of hiring people who do not believe in your product. It is your job to hire the people who are already “infected” with your product or service. Such people have different attitudes to work because they believe in what they are selling. Building a company requires great people, but where do you find them, and how do you get them in the door? You need to identify them and make the right choice in the end.

Startups need to spend less time teaching new hires about the products they build and sell. When a person is a user of your product or service, it is easier for him or her to fit in your startup. You will spend less time training the new recruit about how to work and how to adjust to the new environment and your startup culture.

Proven candidates who are believers in your product have higher rate of committing to their jobs and working with passion than those who need to be trained and thought about what actually goes on in your company.

You should determine how much knowledge the prospective candidates have about your product or service before hiring. Ask them about you do, who your customers are, and who your competition is. That way you can prove whether they are in for the money or want to make meaning and build a company.

In a startup, the people you employ from the beginning are your most important asset. These are the people who will build your business and see it grow. Hire people who do not just want your money but are ambitious and proactive and willing to create a successful company. Candidates who are on a mission to create a company have higher rate of performance.

Everything begins and ends with the right people doing the right jobs at the right time. Creating a company requires great minds and creative people who are ready to adopt and change over time for the good of the business. An “infected” candidate is half way into your vision to creating a lasting company.

“Infected” people are driven, and know what they want because they already know you and are eager to join you. Make that decision today and hire that “infected” candidate.