MentorMob wants to change the way people learn online by organizing and monitoring crowd sourced content in beginner to expert platform. MentorMob provides a repository of cultivated, crowdsourced educational content organized into step-by-step instruction. aims to help users cut through the clutter of Internet content by aggregating and organizing online educational content, such as YouTube videos, Wikipedia articles, content, and more, into intuitive how-to courses.

These courses, called Learning Playlists™, make it quick and easy to learn a new skill, hobby or technique—either for business or personal interests—without wasting time searching all over the Internet.

MentorMob’s collaborative platform provides a structured system for learning, with each topical category—known as a Mob—maintained by Mentors. Less formal than the online instruction typically provided by schools and private learning companies, MentorMob topics can range from how to play a guitar to how to conduct scientific experiments—virtually any subject a Mob’s members feel passionate about.