Gary Flake, a former technical fellow at Microsoft who previously ran the company’s Live Labs research group has launched Clipboard- an app that helps you save and organize what you find on the web. Clipboard allows you to save parts of web pages.

Clipboard was founded in January 2011 with the simple goal of helping people save and share the parts of the Web that they care about.

Clipboard saves the original functionality and format of the items a user shares. It retains its content, structure and even some of its functionality. Clipboard’s clips are often visually identical to the original source and their hyperlinks work as you would hope. And once you’ve saved a clip, it’s easy to do any number of action on it after the fact.

“With Clipboard, you activate our clipper from your browser’s bookmark bar and then click on what you want,” Gary wrote in a blog post. “That’s it. You can optionally annotate, tag, organize, share, and search your clips, but the core steps remains the same: Click and save.”

Clipboard is currently available by invitation only.