is a place to learn and share with others who have the same interests. wants to pay you for your contributions on the network. allows individuals to post photos, links, videos and text in two thousand character “chimes,” and gives users 50 percent of the revenue it earns from selling advertising on their profile pages. Individuals or brands that sell that real estate themselves can keep all of the proceeds from the ads.’s goal is to build in tools to give everyone a bigger voice: analytics on your posts and followers, ways to connect people with the most relevant and quality content, and, eventually, ways to monetize your content with partners.

Bill Gross, owner of and CEO of UberMedia, has said that “When money is involved, you will get a level of seriousness that is not there when there is no money involved.”

“We’re relying on the crowdsourced efforts of millions of people who are interested in driving traffic to our place,” said Gross of the startup’s growth strategy. “We’re going to have great communities curated by really strong people and they’ll be driving traffic to us. We won’t have to [drive traffic] because they’ll have an economic self-interest.”