Being active in a social media network doesn’t guarantee business growth. There are thousands of people who frown at other marketing strategies and they continue to lament that there business isn’t getting new clients. If you’re a social media marketer, that’s just one part of the equation. You need to look elsewhere to determine other helpful strategies to skyrocket your online venture. Whether you’re a health enthusiast, or an internet marketer, you would find these five strategies helpful.

The Right Approach

Everything in life begins with a grasp of what works. I see a lot of social media beginners who struggle to drive a handful of targeted traffic to their blogs. When you research the problem, you would discover how they overlap the right approach with socializing.

In order to make lasting impact, you need more than just socializing; sharing and communicating. Find out what else you need below…

1. Have A Good Landing Page

What’s a landing page?

It’s that page you redirect your prospects to after they click a link from your social media marketing campaigns. A lot of people don’t have a landing page, let alone a good one. There is no rule to the type you should have. But as far as efficient marketing is concerned, have a landing page that captures your visitor’s name and email address.

You can’t talk about email marketing unless you’ve a good landing page that truly converts.

2. Strengthen Your Social Media Presence

What impact are you making in Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook?

It’s not enough to register and log in every morning, you’ve got to do something more precious with your time. The way to strengthen your social media presence is to first understand why you’re there.

Is it to get new clients, drive targeted traffic to your blog or make sales. Each of these reasons have a way of instilling urgency and correctness in your marketing delivery. Don’t just connect, have a reason for doing so and your social media presence would have weight and excel.

3. Make Your Foreground Offers Strong

What’s your foreground offers?

These are offers you present almost instantly to your prospects in social networks. For instance, what do you tweet about?

Ensure you don’t talk about the taste of your Oatmeal or how fabulous your wife is. Although there are exceptions to this. The rule of thumb is to project your self-image in your contents; articles, images, videos etc.

That’s the only way to leverage on the potential of social media marketing to grow your business.

4. Leverage Free Tools

How much hour do you have in a day, 24 hours I suppose?

You can’t achieve so much with this few hours of the day especially when you’ve so much to do. If that’s the case, you need to leverage on free tools to help increase your return on investment. Whether you invested time or monetary resources, you need to reap the rewards.

When marketing with twitter, you can use the free tweeting application that runs at twitter. This way, you could schedule your future tweets and automate your content delivery without sacrificing your time.

5. Know Your Niche In and Out

It’s vital you understand your niche; the prospects, the ideal product they would respond to. This makes a whole lot of sense when you’re marketing online and wouldn’t see your potential customer one on one.

That is where keyword research is necessary. It helps you to understand who lies behind those key terms and how desperate they are for solution. Certain health markets command urgency like the acne treatment, tonsillitis contagious questions, high blood pressure, tonsil stone issues etc.

If your niche is internet marketing, you need to thoroughly dig your market and stay abreast of hot developments which would enable you nail the right prospects and increase sales.

There you’ve it, the 5 exceptional strategies to grow your social media web influence and dominate your niche from the ground up. This is a wake-up call. Rise up and take action today – you’re a success!

Michael Chibuzor is a young business coach, a Freelance Writer and health enthusiast. He’s the founder of tonsillitis contagious blog where he shares some healthy tonsil stone remedy. He’s available to write your articles, copy, email newsletters and other web contents for lifestyle and wellness.

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