Affect, a public relations and social media firm specializing in technology, has released its list of top predictions for where PR and social media is headed in 2012. Companies are now beginning to realize the impact and the usefulness of social media. The adoption rate will increase significantly in 2012 and a lot more people will be employed to manage business social media accounts. The following are Affect predictions for 2012.

  1. In 2012 our reliance on email pitching will dwindle in favor of social media connections with journalists. The pervasiveness of social media has officially permeated traditional media relations.
  2. Businesses will leverage Google+ as a strategic platform for communicating with customers and prospects.
  3. Social Media Gets Strategic: Expect more brands to take a strategic approach to social media marketing. They will begin to concentrate their efforts on the platforms that will offer them the greatest ROI.
  4. Measurement Is a Must: PR metrics will go beyond counting clips to new ways of holding PR accountable for prospect conversion and revenue generation.
  5. In 2012  social media crises continue to come fast and furious. Luckily, they tend to die out as quickly as they flare up, so don’t expect them to have particularly long shelf lives.
  6. Brands Become Publishers: 2012 will mark a surge in businesses not only being the publishers of their own content, but disseminators as well.
  7. CEOs Become Journalists: With publications like Forbes allowing CEOs to create their own pages, profiles and regularly contribute content, CEOs will begin to work in step with traditional news media to position themselves as thought leaders.
  8. In 2012 we will see more brands putting a premium on niche media that speaks directly to their target audiences.
  9. Paying to Get Social: In 2012 social media will go the way of advertising and will no longer be the voice of the people.
  10. Journalists will try to find the most salacious angle for every story, so tread cautiously and be sure your spokesperson is media trained.


  1. I think you are right on the money with these. In the brave new world, everyone's a journalist and/or a publisher. But, the work needs to be done well.

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