Google has announced that it has acquired Clever Sense, the maker of the app Alfred– Alfred is a free mobile app for Android and iOS that puts recommendations in the palm of a consumer’s hand. Watch out, Google could be asking you: where do you want to eat/drink? soon. Apple’s virtual assistant Siri has been sensational since its launch and Clever Sense could be Google’s response to it.

Personalized local recommendations could be the reason for the Google’s latest acquisitions. You should also know that the Alfred mobile app includes a personalized score of how well a place matches user preferences, as well as specific reasons each place is being recommended. Users can simply tap for reviews, directions, and more. Alfred currently curates restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and nightlife. That is why it is important to Google.

Clever Sense CEO Babak Pahlavan stated on the companies website that “Together with the Google team, we will accelerate our efforts toward this shared vision. Google helps local businesses connect with potential customers, and its worldwide presence can bring the value of Clever Sense to a much larger audience.”

Google has also stated that” “The Clever Sense team is at the forefront of developing a recommendation engine that connects the online and offline worlds by delivering personal and sophisticated information to users at the right time, the right place and within the right context. By combining their technology and expertise with our team and products, we’ll be able to provide even more people with intelligent, personalized recommendations for places to eat, visit and discover.”