Streemio Technologies, a Ghanaian software start-up, developing mobile software and services for high-growth mobile telephony markets has unveiled its mobile streaming service in Ghana at a press launch yesterday at the African Regent Hotel in Accra.

In a statement to unveil the service, the company announced that, the mobile music service would not only provide a platform for music fans to legally enjoy and share songs of their favourite musicians but also provide Ghanaian musicians the opportunity to interact with their fans and track information on which of their songs their fans are listening to most.

Samuel Darko, CEO and Co-founder of Streemio Technologies said that legal arrangements have been made with stakeholders to provide legal copies of songs to consumers. He further stated that Streemio pays royalty to artistes based on the popularity (amount of airplay) on the service. Streemio typically works with legally-mandated royalty collection agencies to streamline the royalty payment process. Artistes also benefit from free publicity of their work and planned concerts. Artistes are also able to access reports on the popularity of their works on the service.

Francis Mawuli Ahose, Technical Director and Co-Founder Streemio also added that the streemio mobile app will allow everyone to be their own DJ, without the hassle of owning the music collection to play from. Streemio will allow you to create and customize your own playlist of songs, share playlist with friends, search for new music and discover concerts of favourite artistes.

Streemio will be available for download for free from December 23, 2011.

Currently located in Ghana – West Africa, Streemio aspires to be the leading mobile music service in Africa and other emerging markets.