The first year is always the hardest. This saying always seems to come up when talking about marriage, having kids, going back to school, and moving out of your parents’ house; however any entrepreneur will tell you the saying originated when discussing business. If you’re a startup company struggling to get by, then you likely need all the help you can get in that first year. One way to make this happen is to get everyone in your company marketing.

Many startups are focused on the different departments—finance, sales, HR, marketing—and those different departments should be focused on their job and their job only. This is where many companies are mistaken. Although each employee has their own job, everyone in ever department can help to market your company. While the marketing team should be working on more advanced methods of campaigning, there are little things your entire office can do to help spread the word. Consider a few marketing approaches fit for the whole office:

5 Ways to Get Your Entire Company Marketing

Referrals – Everyone in your company can refer your company to others. A great way to get your employees excited about referrals is to offer some sort of incentive as a sort of business proposal. Whether it be a free gift for every person referred or a party at the end of the year, employees will respond. Referrals are easy and free, so take advantage.

Branded Items – Many startups are nervous about creating apparel or other items with the company logo because it seems expensive, but in the long run most agree that it pays off. If your entire company is using coffee mugs or stationary with your company logo, you are creating an opportunity for people to see your brand. The faster you can get your name out there, the better.

Social Media – Everyone, no matter what department, knows about social media. Most of your employees likely have social media accounts, so urge them to promote the company whenever possible. “Tweeting” an article about your company or “liking” a company webpage is extremely simple, so your employees will likely be happy to help. This will help bring awareness of your brand to all of their virtual friends and followers.

Business Cards – Startup companies usually give out business cards to their employees, but it’s important that these employees actually use them. Urge your employees to keep cards with them at all times and give them out whenever possible (restaurants, charity events, etc.).

Community Events – Setting up a company event does not have to be a job for the marketing department alone. Many of your employees are likely involved in a church, a school committee, or a neighborhood small group. These are perfect opportunities for your employees to create or mention an event that your company can sponsor. This will help give your company publicity, and likely for a good cause.

Although many of these tips seem simply, you would be surprised how many of your employees don’t take the time to put them into action. Every bit of exposure helps, so it’s important to talk with your employees about the importance of marketing and branding. Most of your employees will be more than willing to help out in any way they can because after all, the first year is the hardest.

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