Olly takes services on the Internet and delivers their pings as smell. Whether it’s tweets, a like on Instagram, or just your train running late, Olly will be sure to let your nose know about it.

Olly, a USB-powered device takes events on the Internet and turns them into smells. Just got a reply on Twitter or a ‘like’ on Facebook? Maybe a new email or calendar reminder? Olly can be set to notify you by filling the room with a fragrance.

The Olly Device has a removable section in the back which you can fill with any smell you like. It could be essential oils, a slice of fruit, your partner’s perfume or even a drop of gin.

The device is stackable, so if you have more than one, you can assign each one to a different service with a different smell. Connect one to Twitter and another to your calendar.

Olly was developed by Mint Foundry, a graduate design lab at Mint Digital dedicated to exploring the potential of
web-connected objects.