Every business relies on essentials tools and resources to make work easier, to make business process more efficient, to increase personal productivity and generally to accomplish tasks associated with your business for growth. Tools like word processors, spreadsheets, internet access and email are basic requirements now for every business to succeed.

Office suite: Productivity and customer relationship management tools are crucial tools for the success of every business. Office tools enables you to save time and deliver awesome customer service. Make sure your office suite is enhanced with calender, address book and email management functions. It makes work easier faster. You can also simplify you communication if you integrate these tools in your office productivity tools.

Financials: The finance of every business is the oxygen that sustains the business. Without money to run the basic operations of the business, you could go bankrupt soon. It is therefore important to invest in financial tools and software to keep a close eye on your income, expenses, and track how much money is coming in to your business. Other crucial uses of preferably secure cloud applications include the management of billing, inventory and payroll. Quickbooks, Mint, Expensify, InDinero, Feshbooks and Teaspiller have been useful for personal and business finance management.

Productive smartphone: Smart phones have proven useful and effective for both voice and data communication. Invest in a productive iPhone, Blackberry or Android phone to have access to a wide range of business and productivity tools and apps that can make work even easier whilst you are on the move. Take advantage of the thousands of business apps at the appstore and android market to make you work smarter when you travel.

Internet Apps Internet apps including Skype, cloud fax services, cloud storage apps including Box.com, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Evernote are now mostly used by entrepreneurs to run their businesses and to increase personal productivity. Genuis Scan, Office plus and other productivity apps have will also be useful for your business.

Image credit: pleasetakemycard.com