Basis is soon to launch a watch that will measure your skin temperature, sweat level, heart rate, and blood oxygen level. The Basis Band fits your wrist like a watch so you can wear it all day, every day. Basis collects information through a small sensor window, eliminating the need for uncomfortable chest straps, finger sensors, electrodes or other cumbersome apparatus.

It links wirelessly to your personal dashboard where you can easily view performance, share data, earn rewards, and engage with the Basis community. There’s no involved set up or connecting process. Just connect to any computer or smartphone to explore an illuminating, informative picture of your sleep, exercise, caloric burn and more.

The Basis Band also has the tools to keep your motivation up, and health on track, with easy to use tools that allow you to highlight and share your progress with friends, trainers or others who will help you reach fitness and health goals.You health information is private, but you can share notes that include heartrate with friends, doctors, and trainers.