Are you looking for extra income streams?

Look no further as I reveal the best 5 business opportunities available to you in 2012. It’s going to be a great year because events and new developments occurred. These are all for your business growth and expansion. Seeing the future as fertile for wealth creation is paramount to your success. If you’re an online entrepreneur, listed below are proven systems to earn passive income when you take responsibility for your life.

1.         Online Business Consulting:

The first business opportunity that is hot right now is consulting. Corporate firms and multi-faceted conglomerates are looking for professionals to handle their online projects. As you already know, no corporate body trusts the work-efficiency of beginners or an individual.

There are several arms to business consulting. The beauty of this is that you can easily align your consulting expertise to your field. For instance, you can act as an SEO consultant if you know how to optimize web pages for Google. Or you can become the next social media consultant helping clients with their promotions on social media networks.

If you do your job well, you can earn $500 – $2000 per month depending on your expert and your kind of client. So, think  creatively and market yourself.

2.         Social Media Evaluation

What does this business opportunity entail?

As a social media evaluator, your job is to help clients determine and analyze how effective their social media marketing campaigns can be. It demands a great deal of research, testing and experimentation. Some online entrepreneurs do not have the time to engage in this rigorous activity. That’s where you come in.

You can easily use infographic illustrations to educate the client more and bring new lights to their social media career. It’s a new business model for those who can scale it through. Your earning potentials are huge, so stick around and find out how it works.

3.         Custom Logo Designs

A single logo contract can yield $250 or more in profit. As a graphic designer, I know the profit potential in this model. There is absolutely no monetary investment from the designer. Everything you need is available for free.

Mostly, your computer loaded with the appropriate design package like Macromedia CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop CS3, Macromedia or Adobe Fireworks.

If you don’t know how to design logos, you can learn it within 2 weeks at most. Just put your mind into it and explore the endless world of passive income. You’ll love this business once your completed work is used by a client. In 2012, logo design is going to be in high demand because several businesses are considering a corporate logo for their website, business and brand.

4.         Product Reviews Analysis

It’s not about writing product reviews, but analyzing the truths and hype within it. During a course of study, I discovered that product reviews with 100% positive analysis often does not convert big sales.

On the other hand, when you honestly review a product, physical or digital, the chances of selling to the right customer is enhanced. Can you review Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZR1 and other point and shoot digital cameras efficiently? Then be ready for work-load because clients are looking for you.

As a product review analyzer, you’re to help product creators determine the right angle where potential customers can feel comfortable. How do you please consumers so they can accept your reviews and click the purchase button? Only few people are actually doing this right now. But the demand will skyrocket in 2012. Get ready for a big business rush as you learn the tenets of product review analysis.

5.         Membership Access Business Model

Online users are getting tired of free information. We all know there is a cost for free a thing. And when everyone has access to the same free information, the value starts to diminish. What you may not know right now is potential customers are willing and able to pay for rare, unique and valuable information.

By starting your own membership site, you would be able to attract a handful of serious web users in your niche. You can charge a monthly renewal fee of $19 – $37 depending on your market and the solution you provide. Whatever niche you’re, a membership site will always prevail to build your expert status rapidly.

For those in the language niche, you can create a membership site for French lessons and Learn French at home. You can also highlight the best learn French Software every week to help your subscribers improve their learning speed.

A membership access business model is a great source of passive income. It’s recurring and once the ball is rolled, your income will grow every passing day.

There you’ve it, the 5 business opportunities ready to make you good money in 2012. Take action today and choose the right one for you. See you at the top!

About Author: Michael Chibuzor is a graphic designer and Freelance Writer . He contributes on a learn French software blog as the editor, where he shares free French lessons. In his spare time, he reviews point and shoot digital cameras like the Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZR1 camera. Get notified about canon powershot and underwater camera reviews today.

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