Startup a business requires some level of skills. But you don’t need to be an expert to start that business you have been thinking of. And you don’t need to be a professional to take your business from bankrupt to revenue generation. To get started, do your research about your industry, gather the right resources, put together the best team, and find out if you are really solving a problem. Go ahead to launch it if you believe in it. These are a few startup lessons gathered just for you.

  1. You don’t need a college degree to start a business.
  2. Don’t take money unless you have to. Bootstrapping the business makes you more creative and focused.-Todd McDonagh
  3. Cash flow, cash flow, cash flow – never as much or as quick as needed; and, the more successful your company is, the more critical cash is.-Marshall Maglothin
  4. You must have a compelling response for: why the hell am i doing this?-Elana Carter
  5. Your first idea may not necessarily be the idea that will translate into your business.
  6. It is not the survival of the fittest, but rather survival through adaptation. Embrace change!- Kevin Henry
  7. Not everyone will see or understand your vision therefore don’t share your vision with everyone. -Lisa Cash Hanson
  8. Change is a law of the universe. Move with it or your customers will.-Eric Reese
  9. Focus on what works, and be good at it.
  10. Take responsibility for failures just as you do successes. -Thomas Rees
  11. Smart hiring is your ticket to building a great team
  12. Find your audience. Know your audience. Serve your audience.
  13. The most important factor in any business is connecting with customers. Without customers, you don’t run a business, you have a hobby.
  14. Keep costs low, and reduce them further each chance you get. Claus S
  15. Know your nerves, be best, be focused, don’t Waste & Haste, be responsive, Never fail your commitments ~ there is always light on the other side… -Achal Kumar
  16. More planning + persistence + discipline + reviewing. Less procrastination + fear of failure = success. -Brenda Thomson
  17. Don’t go solo. Look for your perfect opposite and make it a partner. Even if you have all the necessary skills, two or three brains are better than one. -Roberto Neuberger

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  1. I think we should pick one of these lessons and stick to it . When we win control on one, then pick the other one.
    Lessons are aplenty and the lesson which I have learnt over the years that learn the lessons one by one. :)

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