“Why don’t you just get a real job?” I’ll bet that you have heard that before. Developing and implementing a startup business plan is a taxing processes, and the stresses that it can cause are simply too much to bear for the average homosapien. But for those of us who love a challenge, the startup life can be a fulfilling adventure. The following article is a compilation of fantastic advice for being effective in business and making time for having a life.

Have a Coach: Your coach doesn’t necessarily need to be someone that you hire as a business coach, but it is helpful to have another person to talk to in order to help define success, to focus how to achieve that success, and to deal with the bumps along the way.

Goal Orientation: Set goals, and periodically check if you are reaching them. Having clearly defined goals will keep you focused in the right direction.  When you meet those goals it provides encouragement and motivation for the future.   When you don’t meet certain goals it is time to ask why, and possibly rethink parts of the business plan or make new goals.

Co-Workers: Work with cool people, because you are going to be with them a lot.

Work Out: Working out gets the blood flowing and the body moving in different directions and positions which is scientifically proven to improve intellectual capacity, increase creative thought, and reduce stress.

Be Social: Have a social life outside of the business arena. Laughing and having fun with friends and family makes life worth living in a way that working constantly cannot.

Take One Day Off: Take one day off a week. Having one day a week to recuperate from the workweek is revitalizing and brings a new and healthy perspective to the office.

Take Care of Yourself: Eat and sleep at regular times.

Avoid Time Killers: Avoid activities that suck away your precious time. A few of the most diabolical time wasters are Facebook, video games, daydreaming, and meetings.

Email Boundaries: Check email only at specific times of day. It’s possible to waste hours of the day right from the inbox. Rather than jumping to open emails the moment they appear in your inbox set specific times for checking and responding to emails. I like to check email right before going to lunch because my trusty stomach is great at reminding me to quit with the email and eat lunch.

Mini-Assignments: With so much to do it can be difficult to get any one thing accomplished.  Combat this by scheduling mini-assignments into the day.  For instance, between 10:00-12:00 finish the proposal.  Make sure not to become sidetracked with other things during that time.

The Backup Plan: Have a backup plan.  Most startup writers won’t say such things, because everyone believes that their startup is going to be the next Google, but having a backup plan serves a very important and immediate purpose.  Knowing that you have a fallback option takes some of the edge off from the stress of not knowing whether your startup will be successful.

Call Mom: Call your mother. With all of the work involved in working to build a startup who has time to call their mother?  Right? Wrong.  You probably haven’t called yours in a while.  Pick up the phone and call her right now, she cares about you after all.

Although keeping to all of  the rules of this list is a virtual pipe dream, for anyone devoted to the success of their start-up, using this list as a guide will surely help.

Author Bio: Scott Hersh is a business blogger for BCAblog.com the official blog of BusinessCashAdvance.com, leaders in merchant financing.

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