Marketing is an important part of every business. Some businesses with resources spend lots of money to take their products to market. Others with little or no resources bootstrap their way to the same market. In the end it’s the business with the most effective marketing strategy that wins. Seth Godin, an entrepreneur, author,public speaker and an authority on marketing said “The product is the marketing. You can’t out spend.”I totally agree with Seth. Your product must speak for itself. You cannot expect to just throw money at marketing your product and expect a huge response if your product is not good enough. The following resources are geared towards marketers or making you a great marketer.

  1. Seth Godin – Of course Seth had to be on this list. Check his blog out for marketing information, resources books and guides.
  2. Viperchill– ViperChill is a blog authored by Glen Allsopp which covers Viral Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, and Blogging advice. Glen Glen Allsopp, former Social Media Manager for the likes of Nissan and Hewlett Packard shares his insights and lessons.
  3. SEO Moz: The SEOmoz Blog is one of the best resources sites  for tactical, strategic advice and ‘how-to’ content. The site focuses on SEO, web marketing tactics and strategies. The SEOmoz Daily SEO Blog provides tips, tricks and advice for optimizing websites and getting better search engine rankings.
  4. SmartInsights: Smart Insights wants to help marketers and business managers get more from digital marketing – to make the most of the great opportunities and avoid wasting time and money.
  5. Guy Kawasaki – Guy Kawasaki shares his incredible insights from years of experience at Apple and other leading companies.
  6. Web Ink Now: Online thought leadership and viral marketing strategies using news releases, blogs, podcasts, and online media. David Meerman Scott is the author of “The New Rules of Marketing & PR
  7. Copyblogger: Tips and training for copywriters, bloggers, and content marketers. Online marketing strategies and solutions to make you a great marketer.
  8. Social Media Explorer– Explores social media, social media marketing and public relations through commentary and analysis.
  9. Toprankblog– Online Marketing tips, articles, interviews & how to’s on social media, search engine optimization & content marketing.
  10. HubSpot Internet Marketing Blog : Great resource for on Internet marketing, search engine optimization, inbound marketing, analytics etc.
  11. Learn How Human Business Works. He consults and speaks professionally with  companies  about the intersection of business, technology and media.
  12. Econsultancy is a community where the world’s digital marketing and ecommerce professionals meet to sharpen their strategy, source suppliers, get quick answers, compare notes, help each other out and discover how to do everything better online.
  13. Duct Tape Marketing provides strategies and recommendations for growing small businesses.


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