Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Your folders are synced across all your devices. Dropbox gives you 2GB of storage for free. Dropbox Automator connects to your Dropbox account and monitors folders of your choice, performing automated actions you define when new files are detected.

This is what Dropbox Automator can automatically do for you:

  • Documents – Convert to PDF, Summarize, Translate, PDF to TXT, Upload to Google Docs, Upload to Slideshare, Sign PDF
  • Pictures – Upload to Facebook, Upload to Flickr, Downscale, Rotate image, Write text on image, Photo effect, Stamp logo, Stamp map
  • Any file – e-mail, Zip file, Save to another folder, Rename, Upload to FTP, Encrypt, Decrypt
  • Info – Tweet, Set Facebook Status

How it works
To start using Dropbox Automator, you’ll need to authorize Dropbox Automator to access your Dropbox files. Once Dropbox Automator can access your files, you can select a folder you want to use for automation. Once you select the folder you want, you can start assigning actions from the provided list. The file size for processing is limited to 25mb per file.

Processing takes a minute and the results will show up in a “results” folder. A folder called “processed” will appear first, containing the files that were just processed. Those will be the unaltered copies. Wait for the “results” folder to appear to see the actual results.

Dropbox Automator was created by WappWolf.