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No matter your niche or business model you’ve chosen for yourself, the door is always open for increase and top notch productivity. Before 2011 came to an end, I had the privilege of attending a business conference right here in my city.

To my utmost surprise, the chief host for this event was a Local Watch Dealer who left his offline watch business to setup his first blog and today, he earns $3,000 and more from Google AdSense.

Successful six figure earners may hiss at that income. But for use who are still trying to build our small businesses and leave the ground floor, it’s a great feather and motivational. He finally spilled the milk and gave us 7 point criteria for building a lasting and profitable business that works.

It’s time to make your small business big.

1.  Think  Success: Are you a success-thinker? It’s the first strategy to become better in life and business. Until you see yourself meeting new influential people, not much can be done to your online business. Don’t be moved by unhealthy circumstances around you, let your thoughts become the light in your path.

It’s easier to think success when you’re know how special you’re. Think success at all times. Everywhere you go.

2.  Explore Your Mind:  The moment success become your thoughts every passing day, good stuffs would start to domicile in your mind. It’s time to explore and pinpoint those positive and potential life changers among them.

Great opportunities are buried in your mind. Don’t let it die or go dormant. Explore your mind today and become who you were created to be. It doesn’t matter what you sell, digital cameras, wooden watch or women’s apparel, the moment you think about it, more insights would appear right in your mind.

3.  Learn To Listen: Has someone ever told you how much of a talkative you’re? Don’t be made at them, just accept it as goodwill and readjust. Until you learn to listen, good ideas and insights into the world of opportunities would fly off your minds.

You should think like a student. Experts like to talk all the time but it’s not advisable for beginners and small business owners. Listen to audio tapes; be attentive as others coach you. Humble yourself and learn. It’s pays great dividends.

4.  Challenge Yourself Today: You’ve stayed so long in your comfort zone. It’s time to break rules and challenge the giant in you. How long will you continue to complain and wallow in penury and business despondency?

Get up on your feet and throw the Javelin. Don’t be scared what the outcome would be. It doesn’t matter for now. Give yourself a raise, beat your chest and speak to your human spirit. You will succeed – believe it, act like that always.

5.   Quit The Competition: Are you competing with anyone or any web page? Please stop right there. Humans weren’t created to compete because we’re special and can turn the tides of time to our own favor.

What you should aim for is uniqueness. Don’t compete with anyone, learn to complement. Is there any loophole in your so-called competitor’s product? Fill that need and become the solution the world needs. If your competitors sell designer watches and handbags, see if they offer any deals. Ex. wewood coupon discounts and discount promos.

Use this as an advantage and you’ll capture the right buyers. Competition destroys your patience and plans. This year, don’t be a victim any longer – become the victor.

6.   Sharpen Your Writing Skills: Sharpening your writing skill was another great tip shared by this local watch dealer. If you’re an internet marketer, then you should learn how to write. Learn to sharpen your writing skills and start turning words into cash. Web writers are the only creative people on earth (according to research).

I started promoting affiliate offers in 2008 and that year, I made a whopping $0.000. That’s a huge amount, believe me.

You know why the figure is like this? I wasn’t trained to write better product reviews and email letters. But all that is changed now. When you finally master the art of writing, you can easily write your own paycheck. Take my word for it. It pays greater dividends than most stocks.

7.   Show Others What You Know: Good business character means telling others what you know. But it goes beyond that, don’t just tell them how to do something, show it in your words, use a video and explain the steps to take.

It doesn’t matter if there are monetary gains for what you’re doing; generosity pays fully at the end. Don’t lose hope, don’t faint when your students succeed – rejoice with them and they would lift your small business to the “BIG” level.

Think abundance. The money in the world isn’t exhausted yet; yours has been kept intact by unknown forces. Learn to give bountifully without expecting immediate rewards. You’ll come back with joy and fulfillment.

There you’ve it, seven essential small business tips to get you on the right track. Start putting them to work in your business and enjoy the fruit therein. See you ahead!

About the Author: Michael Chibuzor is a Small Business Coach and Social Media Examiner. He shares free coupon for wewood and fossil promotion codes in his blog and occasionally writes for These coupons and discounts can help you save on wooden watches, women’s apparel and boots.

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  1. These are the traits that a business owner should have. A positive mindset is one important requirements to achieve business success.

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