Dropbox is an awesome file storage app and it now has Dropbox Automator to compliment it. Dropbox is a Web-based file hosting service operated by Dropbox, Inc. that uses cloud storage to enable users to store and share files and folders with others across the Internet using file synchronization.

But there are great alternatives out there you can trust. SugarSync is a great alternative for your iPhone. SugarSync is a data sync, file sharing and online backup solution ideal for busy professionals and digitally-connected consumers. It enables users to access documents, photos and music across all of their devices, including desktops, laptops and mobile devices (including iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile).

SugarSync makes use of a sync client (SugarSync Manager) to manage all your file synchronization. After you have installed the client, it automatically creates a Magic Briefcase folder in your Documents folder and everything you add to the Magic Briefcase will be synced to the cloud and across all other computers that have SugarSync linked.

SugarSync allows you to Sync 5 GB of data across unlimited number of devices. To get real-time access to files from your computers, don’t forget to install the free SugarSync application on your PC or Mac.


  1. Have you tried Mozy? It's actually cheaper than SugarSync and is backup with sync with a focus on security and encryption.

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