Social media in business is inevitable in 2012. Some businesses have decided that they need to get involved in social media, but they don’t have the strategy and culture for it yet. Most businesses just create social media accounts but nobody actually uses it. Getting involved in social media pays hence the need to get some of your employees to commit to it and update the accounts with relevant information. These mistakes are common among businesses that are using social media.

  1. Spending  a lot of time promote themselves instead of mixing updates with education, information and resources for their customers and prospective users.
  2. Expecting social media to be the only way to get results and trying to do everything themselves.
  3. Businesses see social media as another marketing channel, not as a place to engage with others. Engage and interact instead of just marketing.
  4. Go in without a strategy-its suicidal.
  5. You need a solid strategy, based on your company culture, goals, and expectations.
  6.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking you know everything there is to know about a particular platform, and stop educating yourself.
  7. Not responding to customers. It’s one of the biggest mistakes. You need to stay interactive on social for effective results.
  8. Failure to build relationships – So many companies hear of other companies make money through social media and quickly try to sell sell sell.
  9. The mistake business leaders make is assuming that just being there is good enough.
  10. Not developing a personal feel to the communications (being too corporate).
  11. You need to talk less and listen more is crucial.
  12. Not following your followers – who most likely are customers and potential customers.
  13. Not having a plan in place to provide focus on who you want to attract.
  14. Expecting  instant results. It doesn’t work like that.