Have you made your new year career resolutions yet? Its a new year with new beginnings. You may be doing the same job, but you could do it with a different and improved mindset and skills. There are so many job opportunities both offline and online you can consider. Identify what you are good and PASSIONATE about and make a business out of it or join a company you will be happy working with. You could also consider traveling to a new country to experience the culture and a new way of doing business in a foreign country. If you are interested in a new career in finance, you could try finance jobs in Singapore -the financial city. Changing professions takes lots of effort and commitment but if you will be happy with a new profession, why not give it a try.

If you are thinking about changing jobs, this is the right time to put together a great resume for prospective employers. Do not just create a resume, work on your references and if you want to give it a new twist, you can request for LinkedIn recommendations as well. It really helps, especially if you intend to use LinkedIn to search for global jobs.

If you current career gives you the best job satisfaction, you can still improve your skills and strategy of work. Invest in personal development to improve your way of work. Find new ways to do your work more efficiently and faster to save time. Employers value employees who can think outside the box and are proactive. Dedicate time and effort bring something new to your way of work and you will be happy with yourself.

If you believe moving to a new city is the right thing for you this year, you can start exploring your options now. CBSNews has also put together a list of the World’s Best Cities to work and live. Check it out and find out which cities are the best for employers, professionals and innovators. Find out all there is to know about a city before you make that important decision to move and settle there.

2012 is here, make the most of it and most importantly enjoy what you do.