There is a good reason why somebody would visit your company’s website. Why not find out from visitors how you can help them. Of course you always want to avoid the voice calls, but that call could be a lead that can possibly turn into a sale. Zingaya is a customer service widget that enables visitors to call your company without leaving your website. The tool allows customers to call you with one click using their browser and a microphone, you receive the calls on your mobile phone, computer or landline.

Zingaya embeds a “Call” button into your website. Visitors can click that button and the call is immediately forwarded to your landline or mobile phone. Of course your visitors would need a microphone to initiate the call.

Zingaya records web calls and store them online, you can select which countries calls can be received from. Calls are encrypted and destination numbers are kept private.

Widgets can be used anywhere: on Windows, on Mac, and on Linux.